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Fw: Hitting the Beach at Doe Lake

Don't waste your money on the suntan oil - better to invest in a pair of
gloves.  It has been terribly cold here the last few days.  It's been fun
watching the change in the behavior of the horses.

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Subject: RC: Hitting the Beach at Doe Lake

> Welcome to sunny central Florida, home of the swamp loving gators, water
> moccasins, and the occasional rattler that likes to swim.  The Far Out
> ride, otherwise known as Beach Blanket Bingo (what I like about this crowd
> most of you are old enough to know what movie that is and who was in it),
> will be the place to be.  Can anyone tell me if Val's coming?  I'll try
> be on my best behavior if she is.
> Bring your camera and don't forget the suntan oil.  Also, remember your
> to shoot at any pesky gators or to take out some of those annoying
> that have turned the trails into the lovely beaches they are today.
> I bet y'all I have the tallest horse there.  A six pack to anyone's horse
> can stand higher than Dance Line.  And no cheating, with those ten inch
> heeled shoes.
> I swear if this turns out to be another cold ride I'm sleeping in the
> shower room with the hot water running all night long.
> cya there,
> Howard
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