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Re: RC: water-tight trailers

Is the trailer aluminum or steel? Can you see daylight around the rivets? 
Get on top the trailer, is corrosion (either rust or the white
corrosion if aluminum) forming between the metal layers & pushing the seam 
The problem with riveted roofs is the rough roads cause so much flex & 
vibration the holes wear bigger & leak. If there is already a lot of damage 
you might need a new roof.
Nancy Mitts

>From: diane knapper <>
>Subject: RC:    water-tight trailers
>Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:51:14 -0600
>OK, since I have no plans on replacing my trailer, does
>anyone have any good ideas on how to stop the leaks in the
>roof.  Appears to do it around the rivets.  Thanks for your
>Diane & Phoenix (MY head is getting wet :-(
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