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Re: RC: water-tight trailers

Most of the aluminum trailer we've seen have lengthwise seams rather than 
the crossways seams steel trailers have. Ask if the company will guarantee 
no leaks. Our steel trailers have sealed seams & don't leak. Remember you 
will always have condensation drips inside if not insulated or improperly 
insulated. (Styrofoam not the best).
Roof vents will often leak over time, so you might want to avoid having one 
over your bed!
Nancy Mitts

>From: Suzanne Mounts <>
>Subject: RC:  water-tight trailers
>Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 13:49:19 -0800
>Hi all,
>Thanks for all your helpful thoughts about stock-type trailers vs. those w/
>drop-down windows.
>The new trailer is to be a gooseneck so I can sleep in the trailer.  The
>rain has been coming down steadily for a day and a half and that brings
>another concern to mind.
>The roof of my old steel trailer leaks.  This is not wonderful but not
>awful because I don't use the trailer for shelter.  I got to thinking about
>what a drag it would be if the gooseneck/dressing room area of my new
>trailer leaked.  Thoughts on what I should look for to get a water-tight
>sleeping/camping area of the trailer?
>When I was out trailer shopping, it wasn't raining, and I didn't pay much
>attention to roof issues.  I do remember that one of the brands of aluminum
>trailers (I think Silverlite) advertised that their roof was a single
>piece.  I assume eliminating seams in the roof makes it less likely that
>the trailer would leak?  Is this a steel vs. aluminum issue?  i.e., Do all
>aluminum trailers have roofs that are made without seams? do all steel
>trailers have seams?  Do trailer roofs that have seams inevitably come to
>leak?  Help, help.......
>Suzanne Mounts (in very soggy No Cal)
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