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[Fwd: RC: Dallmer shoes]

Pete and Debbie LaBerge writes:

> They looked like a Mustaad shoe with a sandal type apparatus so that
> the owner could put on and take off the shoe- a neoprene looking thing
> that fit over bulb and then two sandal type straps coming off the
> neoprene looking thing that criss cross over the front of the hoof and
> are attached to clips on the front sides of the hoof. The shoe said
> "Dallmer" on it and he thought they were from Europe. The horse wears
> them in off-road driving events in all kinds of terrain. I think the
> owner of this horse uses them on many if not all of his horses. I just
> can't imagine how they would stay on or not cause irritation to the
> bulbs.
> Anyone know about these?
> Deb LaBerge

Hi Debbie,

those Dallmer shoes were from Germany. The company is located in my town.
I know those shoes. Dallmer produces several plastic shoes, most of them
to glue on. They are used often on racetracks (Tom?). Dallmer also builds
some therapeutic shoes for fillies.
That sandal-type you described is the called "clog" here. I use one as a
"spare tyre" at competition. You can get them in different sizes and could
adjust the width by a kind of bar at the heels. They have two clips on the
front. From the back there are two nylon straps running to the front with
a loop (made of wire) to fix them to the clips. If anybody is interested
in more information I can try to get some from Dallmer - they should have
english info's available.


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