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Re: RC: RC: President's cup results, Abu Dhabi

In a message dated 1/25/00 9:57:57 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< The 24-year-old's victory also landed one of the biggest triumphs for
 the Al Reef Stables belonging to Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan."
 This is from the story at gulf-news. As far as I am informed this triumph
 goes straight to one of our "battle-leaders", Tom Ivers. I am sure he
 will tell us his story soon. Could be a victory for carbos.... ;-) And
 7:49:13 is really fast for 100 miles. Yeah, these are real
 long-racing-horses... There must be some truth in what Tom is telling us!

Oh man I did not want to hear that.  Where's my gal Val in this thing?  What 
happened there?  Well y'all thought TI was a pain in the butt before he left 
for this race?  Just wait till he gets back home.  Not only is TI a talker, 
looks like he also delivers.  Bet they gave him more than a rolex watch this 

going out to buy that Carbo charge stuff,

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