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Re: RC: splints

In a message dated 01/24/2000 10:56:43 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I have a question for all of you out there....(I'm sure this topic has 
 brought up before, but me being a "newbie" have not seen any info).
 I'm just curious how splints can/will affect the endurance horse.  I have a 
 3 y.o. 3/4 Arab filly that developed a splint when she was a yearling (got 
 scared by a bear....ran quite a ways, including through a few fences....nice 
 big vet bill).  She has never had a problem with it since- no 
 I want to start ground work with her in the next few months (I'm not going 
 to start riding her until she is four, just in case anyone was wondering).
 So, anyone out there had/have a successful endurance horse with a splint?  
 Is there any extra precautions I should take other then hosing down that leg 
 before and after I excercise her?  Other then that, she is a very nice 
 mover, and has good conformation, and great mind. >>

Our own personal experience .... our horse that have splints have 
precipitated them through rowdy behaviour in paddock or pasture, often as 
yearlings or twos.  The worse splints may be sore for awhile, but most of 
them show no lameness.  It makes sense to give the horse down time until the 
splint heals and becomes cold.  The protrusion is usually with the horse for 
a lifetime, but does not cause problems of unsoundness.  I consider a splint 
almost unavoidable, as most of ours occurred when the young ones were growing 
up.  The only splint that ever caused us a problem was a massive one that 
developed on a gelding we leased to a foreign rider for an early North 
American Championship ride (now called Pan Am Championship).  The splint was 
so large that is went inward and impinged on the suspensory ligament, causing 
the horse to go lame after a one-day 50 miler.  That is, he could do one day 
successfully, but was off for the second day of a multi-day ride.  He has 
been a pleasure horse for many years, can be ridden many miles, but not at 
endurance pace.  Most of our successful endurance horses have absolutely no 
problem with old, cold splints, and we do nothing different with the legs (no 
hosing, etc.)


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