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Fwd: RC: Re: Safe starts at races...

It SHOULD go without saying that tailgating is just plain dangerous and, 
well, stupid, especially at the starts. Good sportsmanship and common sense 
would dictate that all riders find  a spot where their mounts are most 
comfortable and THEN behave as if every rider starting the ride is on a horse 
ready to explode. Might save a few bad starts and injuries.

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Most places I've ridden that have a tricky spot near the beginning (such as 
a road crossing, etc.) Use a controlled start with a vehicle or another 
horse leading the way at a controlled rate of speed. The distance varies 
according to the situation.
Experienced riders try to position themselves where they know their horse 
works the best. Newer riders might be reminded at the ride meeting that they 
should only start at the front of the pack if that's where they intend to 
ride, or hold back to the end where the riders are thinned out if they plan 
to go slower.
Nancy Mitts

>From: "B.E. Jackson" <>
>Subject: RC:  Re: Safe starts at races...
>Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 20:47:59 MST
>Well, I would like to hear what RMs have to say about safe starts, but also
>what individuals do to increase their own safety.
>Bonnie near Prescott, AZ
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