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Re: Re: Safe starts at races...

My feeling also, you said it the same way I would have, what difference does
it make on a LD, definitely not the way I'd start a horse.
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> << Well, that is good news. I've been told that in LDs, if you linger back
> too
>  long, you're likely never to catch the front runners. Any comments?
>   >>
> Yes.  My comment is that on a LD ride, who cares if you don't catch the
> runners?  These are not races.  These are learning experiences, or rides
> horses coming back from injuries, or for horses who are young and/or
> inexperienced, or for riders who just don't need the physical stress of
> longer distances.  My comment as a ride manager is just don't WALK the
> way or you will hold up ride personnel at a vet check when they may be
> elsewhere at another checkpoint.
> My mare's first experience with a LD ride set a bad precedent for her.
> trainer rode her in a 30-miler at the age of 4.  The mare bucked and ran
> first 10 miles.  I suspect the trainer thought it was hilarious.  I was
> and had to deal with this behaviour for several rides until I asked a
> who also trains horses, the way I like to see them trained, if she could
> re-train the mare.  She did, and things have gone much better since then.
> Please, DON'T fall into that racing trap on a LD ride.  Once the horse, or
> you, are established in a positive pattern of going down the trail, then
> can speed it up to your satisfaction.  And besides, some LD rides
> ours) do not recognize finishing position, so what's the big deal with
> Barbara
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