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Re: Where to live

Sorry everybody. Egypt is the place. We have the entire Sahara Desert to
ride roads, no towns, just the odd land mine if you get in the wrong
areas (but they aren't close by). Arab horses literally grow on trees. Board
is cheap and comes with grooms (so what if it takes you 5 years to finally
train them to do what you know is necessary and then they go into the army
or become a mechanic). The weather is wonderful except during the sandstorms
in the spring and ok, it does get kind of hot (was that a fried egg on that
rock?) in the summer. You can organise your endurance rides any way you want
because there aren't any real ones yet closer than Jordan, but Jordan is
only about 250 miles away. We have no wild life larger than a feral dog or
fox (ignore the tales about jackals...haven't seen one yet and the cheetahs
stay far, far away) and the cobras, scorpions, sand vipers and pretty lemon
yellow tarantula things that can go about 40 mph across the sand pretty much
leave you alone. Biggest worries are the water buffalo and camels. Nope.
I'll stay here.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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