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Where to live

I am so glad someone finally said something nice about where they 
goodness I was starting to get worried about yall!!! LOL
My husband is in the Marine Corps...
Louisiana Where I am from...if you can find 5 miles of dry ground it's 
great...lots of swamps, gators, nutra, I would ride the levee system, it goes 
forever. I don't think there has ever been a ride there... has there?

Corpus Christy, Texas....between Louisiana and North Carolina...not 
physically but weather wise and land wise...not bad and alot of rides.

North it's beautiful, lots of sand, go ride on the beach, some 
(i lived on the coast)  some pretty good rides there. Hot in the summer high 
humidity, lots of rain, but the sand drains really nice

Southern Calif...Wow...rolling Mountains...ocean, beach, beautiful weather, I 
Loved it...I managed the base stables aboard Camp Pend. put on the Pend. 
Challenge...tons of fun...alittle to much smog for me (asthma) but great 
horse country

Yuma AZ...HOT HOT HOT...but like I said humidity, and in the 
winter it is wonderful, the dessert has it's own beauty and it's fun chasing 
the wild burros through the mountains.  PLENTY of places to ride, even around 
water...Colorado River. 

Well thats what I husband can tell you about ...Okinawa, Viet Nam, 
Laos, Saudi, Hong Kong, really any overseas places...I think he's done em' 

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