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Re: Renee'

><< Good luck on Billy...If he is a Trad baby you know your going to do 
>well!!! >>
>Belesemo Trad was a lovely horse, as was his sire Las Trad.  However, I like 
>to give credit where credit is due--Sue's nice Belesemo Trad son Billy is
>of a lovely mare that represents several years of the Bowlings' breeding 
>program, too, and since it was the Bowlings who made the choice to do the 
>breeding, they really deserve a lot of credit, too.

Hmmmm....thought I mentioned that.  Anyway, Michael and Ann Bowling's
foundation mare, Naliza, is a beautiful horse that produces some very nice
babies...and, as Ann said, Billy's breeding was on purpose and with a lot
of thought!  I'm not an expert on CMK breeding (like Heidi or Michael) but
I know a well designed horse when I see one.  Billy's not a baby gelding
but still comes under the "green as grass" category...even tho he's done a
couple of lower level dressage shows (and finished with a 2nd and a
1st) he'll be slow intro to the competition circuit.  He had some
training and was starting his jumper training when I got him.  He was in
with a bunch of other horses so didn't get over-used as a youngster (which
is something I REALLY appreciate -- not a lot of bad education and improper
muscle development to un-do.)  I want to make sure that he is at the right
time of his training and conditioning that he'll do okay.  Right now he's
in his "dressage schooling" phase of training and will be going out to the
trails in March (at least that's our projected time frame.)  I hope to have
him competing by fall or, at the very least, next spring.  He's extremely
smart, very sensitive, and loves to work.  I have a very talented young
rider that has fallen in love with him and wants to take him to both
dressage shows and endurance competitions...and help make him *famous*!!
;-)  I think he'll do fine...and I can't wait to see him really stretch out
those fabulous gaits that he has!!  Around here he's referred to as my

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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