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driving time

Where I live, Arcata Ca, there are 4 rides around here that are very close 
that the endurance club I am in put on.  
Chalk Rock--June--bridgeville, takes about 2 hours to get there(cause you 
have to drive slow on the road, not because it is far away
Mad River--July--Korbel, 15 minutes away(not the best trails though so it is 
going to be changed to another location and called Maple Creek, much nicer 
now-about the same amount of drive time though)
Redwood--August--Eureka (or big lagoon, it is changed now I think),  20-40 
minutes to get there
Cuneo Creek--September--Weott--about an hour--has a 2day 100 now!!!
-and best of all, they are all in the redwoods, next year hopefully I can 
ride in all of them instead of volunteering (don't get me wrong, that is 
totally fun too, but know) 
nice people too
anyways, those are the rides around me...I think Tevis is about 8 hours away 
(well the fairgrounds anyway), maybe I do like it here more than I 
thought :)

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