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mileage to rides

As Tony mentioned before,  you guys should DEFINITELY not get any credit for
mileage at any ride that it doesn't take you at least 8 hours to get to:-))

Anne and the Horses in Montana
Dyskrete, Stuffy & Hadia

What an excellent idea!!! And, of course it's only fair...Any mileage over 300 to get to a ride and you get extra points for
completing the ride...for every ten miles over 300 an extra point is added to your overall points...
     And for every 10 miles under 1oo miles you get 25 points subtracted.  Then , of course, we're going to have to factor in what kind of rig you're driving...The older and sicker the truck, the more points! etc,etc,etc    ( I could do really well this year)

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