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looking for my perfect horse

Ileana Arnold
Hello everybody,
I am looking for a purebred gelding Arab 14.3-15.0hands, 6-10 years old, chestnut (WITH FLAXEN MANE or very light golden mane - I know... that is the least important), good conformation, strong bones, nice shoulders, short cannon, medium pastern, sweet nature, calm temperament, big eyes, (partially trained-loads,clips, ties etc), and with trail experience (that he enjoys it by being energetic, alert, but not hot spirited). He will live in a good home full of pasture, friends, lots of love and a career full of fun in endurance....  (He has to live no more than 5-6 hours away from me (Burke,VA) so I could drive and feel/ride him)If you know of one that might "want to go" to a loving home,please email me at ileana1@junocom  Thanks and see you at the rides!

Thank you very much,


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