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Re: Re: choke

> << Feeding a senior feed to an adult (young) horse shouldn't be a problem,
>  think.  What do you say, Susan?  If your horse will be restricted in what
>  can consume, a senior feed should help hold the weight on them. >>

No, it's not really a problem, although the mineral balance isn't quite
right for a fast-growing youngster---I don't have a tag in front of me this
very moment, but zinc and copper are a tad low, I think.  But if we're
talking a horse at least two years old or thereabouts, it's not a problem.

> I know someone who has a 'non senior' horse who is a really hard keeper.
> feeds him senior feed to keep weight on him and it seems to work just as
> good, perhaps better than other things.

We go through a lot of it at the VTH feeding it to post-surgical horses as
well.  It's good stuff, although not cheap if you're feeding tons and tons
of it.

> here's the perfect opportunity for me to ask a question about these
> feeds.  Some of them have animal fat in them.....can this be a problem for
> our little herbavores?

Nope.  They digest it just fine.

Susan G

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