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Re: hug your horse today?

Ohh Carla

glad this ended happily. I had similiar at my last but one livery yard
except my horse and five others had geniunly disapeared and their field gate
was locked. Found them one hour later on a main comuter road in rush hour
... amazingly no injuries to any of them and they had been running loose all
night. yard owner denyed hearing anything though I later found out he had
been rung up the night before by the police . Needless to say I moved my
horse PDQ.

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From: robert and carla lawson <>
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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 7:49 AM
Subject: RC: hug your horse today?

> I got up this morning and one of the first things I do is called Puppy
> check. Puppy check also includes horsey check.
> When we first aquired our dog Dee, she went visiting and we "lost" her for
> day. We found her at our neighbors who didn't know we aquired her. We
> adopted Hershey or Hershey adopted us. We brought her home from a store
> where she had been dumped off. So it is a ritual to do a puppy check every
> morning.  We moved to Kentucky it became more than a puppy check.
> Ansata had gone visiting one morning two days after we moved here.
> Fortunately she visited early in the Sunday morning. My Brother was
> by our nieghbor, they managed to get her in with some reluctance.
> This morning I woke to see NO ANSATA!! I saw Haley and usually Ansata is
> more than 50 feet away. My heart dropped. I went to every window that
> provide me every view. I scrambled out side in T-shirt, underwear, and
> barefeet did I mention it had been raining??? You can imagine the site.
> I went out on my FRONT porch!! Low and behold Ansata was behind the new
> mini-barn that I thought I could see behind from different angles of the
> windows in our house! To My embarrasment a few cars went by of course I
> the usual honks. It isn't everyday that they get to see a woman walking
> around in a tee shirt underwear and no shoes hollering for a horse. Next
> time before I panic I think I will put on some pants!
> Carla *beet "pulp" Red*
> Ansata (I haven't seen her move that fast in months!)
> Haley (that was funny Ann do it again with dad this time!)
> Rob *rolling in the floor laughing my legs off my ass is already gone)
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