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RE: Saddle link page updated

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From: Lif Strand []
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 12:04 PM
To: Ridecamp; horsemanofftopic;; Heritage
Endurance Race List;; NewMexico Riders; Pegasus
Subject: RC: Saddle link page updated

The saddle links page has been updated.  If you sent me a suggestion for
the saddle list and don't see it on the page, it could be for one of the
following reasons:
1)  Broken URL
2)  URL is not for the manufacturer but for a distributor
3)  URL was sent with no manufacturer's name
4)  No contact info at all was supplied
5)  No saddle style/use category (e.g. endurance, trail, dressage, etc.)
was supplied

If you know of a saddle that's not on the list, please email me with the
info.  Make sure that you send me the manufacturer's name, the saddle
style/use, model name if known and URL or other contact info.  

Please note that all information on the page has been supplied by people
like yourself, and I have not checked each individual bit of info for
accuracy.  If you note errors, I'd appreciate an email about it.  

Thanks!  Lif

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