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experience or advice about riding with wrist in a cast

I had a fall Sunday, August 13, and my left wrist will be in a cast for 6-8
weeks, until the end of September or mid-October. I would rather not give up
riding for that long, so I am seeking advice or experiences from anyone on
ridecamp who has faced a similar situation. I will be seeing my orthopaedic
doctor every two weeks, starting Monday, August 28, and I would like to discuss
this with him, assisted by any facts I can gather. I would not ride without
talking with him first.

Some relevant details. I am wearing a short thumb cast, which immobilizes my
thumb and wrist, but gives complete freedom to my four fingers and all their
knuckles. The cast is about 10 inches long and stops three inches short of my
elbow, which has complete freedom. The cast is constructed of fiberglass tape
and light weight. I am right handed and my horse is very responsive to neck
reining and well behaved on the trail, never pulling at me or needing me to pull
at him. I believe I could easily handle both reins if needed, although I could
not grasp between my left thumb and index finger.

I would not do any extended rides, but I would like to ride between one and
three hours. I do not want to do anything to unreasonably jeopardize the healing
or prolong the time I need to wear the cast.

Any feedback would be welcome.

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