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Re: Re: On Fire

Smoke is not the issue---before there were ANY fires in this immediate
area..we were in thick smoke ...and the nearest fire was 150 miles
away--maybe if we travel 300 miles east of here we  might find relief from
the smoke--but that is logistically I said---western
montana is on fire---if you look at one of those maps on the internet that
shows where the fires are with little orange blazes----western montana is
almost completely orange! They had to close the airport down in Missoula
because the smoke was so thick---the nearest fire to Missoula was 60 miles big traffic jam here when it comes time to move...we are almost
the last ones on the raod(one other family)  won't be any fire trucks etc
coming up the road...thanks for the input---but we've got everything
covered!!!(ponies are my top priority)

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> Jonni <>
> While my heart goes out to ALL the victums of brush and forest fires, I am
a bit troubled by the fact that the animals are not evacuated yet. First,
why wait until you are in a HUGE rush. Take them out while you have the time
to think more clearly. Second, and even more important, it was mentioned the
smoke was so thick it was hard for you to breathe. What do you think this
smoke is doing to your animals. As I understand it, the thick smoke does so
much damage to the horses. If you have a safe place to take them, that is
away from the smoke, please consider taking them as soon as you can.
> I have been a member of evacuation teams in the past when Malibu
California was burning. I tell you, pulling a trailer full of horses up a
canyon road, with 30-80' flames shooting into the air on each side of this
canyon, knowing if the wind shifted we could get caught IN the flames was
not my idea of a fun time. Fires shift and change patterns so quickly, that
a home that was not in danger one moment, is now in direct line of the fire.
People have the choice as to how long to stay before evacuation, animals do
> I hope that the rains do come (without lightning) to aid the hardworking
fire fighters that are trying to save homes. It is a very frightning
situation, and my thoughts are with everyone.
> Jonni
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