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RC: Re: Horses & Pigs, Oh My!

Poor Linda.
You need a hot tub for sure. I can just picture you hanging on for dear life
expecting to be knocked off by a tree too close or a limb too low. I am sure
glad that we don't have razor backed pigs out here in the Northwest. My
clinging skills are not well enough honed.
Take it easy. Try to give yourself at least two days before trying stunt
riding again.

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From: Linda Flemmer <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 6:22 PM
Subject: RC: Horses & Pigs, Oh My!

> Warning - pointless story here.  Delete now if not interested.
> I guess I never learn...  OR   My come back ride today...
> Two weeks ago I tore some muscles in  my back & shoulders when I fell
> from my green broke 4 y.o. gelding.  (Monster in the bushes that wasn't
> there the last three times by it.)  The Doc I eventually saw is a rider
> herself.  She suggested 2 weeks off, then light riding on a more
> reliable horse for a month or so.  "Cool!", I thought.  An enlightened
> doctor!
> Since Razz is a pasture potato for 6 weeks, I waited patiently for this
> weekend to come.  I'm off the muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and
> pain killers...  I decide to take out the <cleanest> horse I come across
> in the field since it has thawed just enough for mud.  :-)  Major
> wins... black, 15.2H 18 year old ex-endurance horse who has "been there,
> done that" (fox hunting, endurance, CTR, hunter-jumper, dressage).
> We tack up & we're off.  Some high winds & ice over the last two weeks
> have blocked our trails with small downed trees, but good old Major side
> passes right up & I either lift them clear or saw them while mounted.
> Good boy!  It's cold & windy, so he feels pretty perky!  More like an 8
> yo than an 18 yo!  As we trot down the side of a good hill amongst the
> trees, we come upon a HUGE stump & a downed tree.  Suddenly, an ENORMOUS
> Arkansas Razorback Hog comes out at us making horrible grunting
> noises!!!!!  (Our neighbor keeps them, but this one seems to have found
> a way out.)  Major HATES pigs, never mind ones that masquerade as
> stumps!  "I haven't been there & I DON'T do that!!!!"
> Spin, run, Linda hangs on to his side for dear life, picturing a lost
> horse & more torn muscles.  After about a 1/4 mile clinging like a tick
> on his side as we pass the trees & rocks, I manage to get upright & turn
> him.  We <cautiously> finish the rest of our "easy" 3 mile loop.  My
> back hurts again.  So much for light riding.  Fortunately, no more Mr.
> Piggy.
> We make it home to find my husband (Major's person) waiting on us.
> Bless him, he has a warm mash ready for Major and a hot spiced apple
> cider with a shot of brandy for me.  How did he know?  Times like this
> makes marriage all worthwhile.
> Back on the meds for me for another few weeks.  :-(   If it isn't the
> horse then it's me that's lame lately.
> Linda

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