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RC: Stallion behavior

Mary Ann,
I have a mare that's mouthy, so that's not just a stallion thing. I never 
allowed to her grab things like the bit/bridle while tacking. She never 
nips/bites at people. I haven't been able to stop her from chewing things 
while tied(I hate to get any of that yucky stuff on ME!). I use a chain to 
"tie" her with, & can't tie her where she can reach any wires, etc.
If your stallion doesn't have a playmate over the fence you might try one of 
those horse balls or something so that his only "playtime" isn't with you.
Nancy Mitts

>From: "Spencer" <>
>To: "Ridecamp" <>
>Subject: RC:  Stallion behavior
>Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 20:43:52 -0600
>I have just started riding my stallion again..after 4 years of not being 
>ridden.  He has always 'mouthed' things---puts anything and everything in 
>his mouth.. ie grabs the reins, the whip handle, the lead rope, the 
>cavesson... all of which make it awkward and slow down the tacking up 
>process.  Has anyone experienced this and if so, what did you do??  Or any 
>suggestions would be helpful.  Otherwise, he did very well today for not 
>being worked for a while. He is 11 yrs old in Mar 2000.... definitely puts 
>some babies on the ground that like to run (He is Muscat grandson,ie 
>Russian racing lines). When he was 2 and I started him getting used to 
>tack, etc.. one day I looked over to find him going in circles while 
>tied... turned out he had gotten the stirrup iron in his mouth along with 
>the bit that was already there and could not get it back out!!!!  (it was 
>english type) .  I hoped he would grow out of it.  Thanks for any 
>suggestions.  Mary Ann

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