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RC: Donkey knowledge is wonderful

It's great to know you folks never sleep, are in different time zones,  and live on computers. I posted a late PST note (of course, for me late is 9) and by 7 this morning here were these wonderful messages to greet my tired eyes.  Ah, from the donkey you say, no from the sting of the poison oak that I have on my backside.  My husband who isn't allergic came to bed after brushing our new property, and vole, a line across my back where him arm went, and another area where I rolled up along side - you get the idea.

Butt, thanks for the great ideas.  I should also mention that this little guy does have a miniature horse next to him, there is a mule on the other side a neighbor's fence (who gets set off ), and peacocks wanting to do a three part harmony. I will check to see if it is a male or female, and see if they would like me to donate an angora doe.  I feel sorry for the miniatures and all the other animals she crowds into a 20 by 40 foot space.
I live in a glen, and the properties on my side are all 2 acre minimums while the back side of the properties are lined with one fourth acre lots.  And they all seemed to have built on the back sides of their properties near my property line.
Thanks again,
Kandhy Franklin - Crest, San Diego CA

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