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Re: Re: Kak worm from Cora

Put your virus web page in a trusted zone.

Actually, it is not necessary to be that restrictive. With security set to
medium and provided the "scriptlet.typelib/Eyedog" patch is installed from
Microsoft (see is
installed the kak worm is blocked. But, of course, the higher your security
setting, the less risk of other problems. But too high a setting sometimes
gets in the way of functionality.

Davids advice not to open potentially bad attachments cannot be emphasized
enough. I refuse to open any attachment unless it is a file type that I know
cannot carry executable (.eml, .jpg, .gif, .txt - there are others, but know
before opening). The list of file types that can carry executables grows all
the time. The last big virus was carried in a file in the form name.txt.vbs.
The last 3 letters are the key. A .txt file is benign, but note that is
followed by .vbs. Trouble. If I am expecting an executable from someone, and
I know its history (who wrote it), I will open it. But not those sent to me
blindly, even if they come from good friends or even computer experts.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: "C Eyler" <>

> David,
> In defining the restricted site zone, are you recommending that ALL items
> set to disable?  If so, how do you download virus protection updates?
> Cindy

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