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Re: Kak worm from Cora


In defining the restricted site zone, are you recommending that ALL items be
set to disable?  If so, how do you download virus protection updates?


> Security is what I do for a living - here's what you do:
> Open Outlook, choose Tools, Options, then click on the Security tab. Next,
tell it to run your HTML e-mail in the Restricted Sites zone. After that,
you need to open Internet Explorer, View, Internet Options, then Security.
Now click on (or pull down - depends on whether it is IE 4 or 5) the
Restricted Sites zone. Choose Custom, then click on Settings (again, the
dialog for IE 4 and 5 are just a little different). Set everything in that
zone to disable.
> For a nice write-up on all this that explains what is going on, take a
look at:
> Note that you can run into these same problems with other mail readers
than Outlook, and if you are using one of these, you probably need to do
something similar to what I described above - it will vary with what you
have, but I can't help with these - I'm not familiar with them.
> This will keep any script-based worm from getting you. It might also be a
good idea to go to and see if you need any
updates or patches. can help with any updates
you might want for Windows or Internet Explorer. If you're running Netscape,
go to their site to see what patches they might have.
> Now that you've got everything nice and secure, the biggest thing you need
to do to keep yourself that way is to not run any attachments that you
aren't expecting - especially not any programs. I don't care how well I know
the person, I don't run programs people send me in e-mail. There's a nasty
little hacker tool called cellophane that lets them stuff one program inside
another, so while you're watching the dancing bunnies, it is installing
something nasty that broadcasts that you've been hacked to whoever wants to
come and cause you trouble (I'm not making this up). Pictures and things
like that are generally OK, but do be careful.
> It is also a good idea to buy an anti-virus software from the vendor of
your choice, run it, and keep it updated because new ones come along all the
> David LeBlanc
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
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