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Re: RC: Re: Which GPS should I buy?

At 09:46 AM 5/17/00 -0400, Truman Prevatt, Ph.D. wrote:
>Probably a good choice. I've ridden with two different people that were using
>them this winter. Both times the things bounced out of their pouch and we had
>to retrace several miles looking for the gadgets.

This is why I like the fact the better ones have an antenna.  You can poke
the antenna out, so the zipper of the case stays shut.  If you get the
extension, then the GPS gets stuffed securely into a cantle bag or something.

As to asking directions, the only time I got close to lost, if I could have
found any other people, I'd have considered it a big improvement!

Something the guy at REI pointed out to me was that you can cut a hole in
the cover right over where it picks up the signal, then you can keep it
securely in the case.  This is good for the less expensive ones that have
the antenna built in.

Lastly, the gizmos always have a little wrist strap - I usually poke that
out of the case, and tie it seperately to the saddle.  It's too expensive
to risk losing like that.

David LeBlanc

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