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Los Alamos Fire (from a resident)


We received so many e-mails and voice messages from so many of you, 
that I thought the best way to thank every one for their concern 
would be via ridecamp.   In the meantime I can also give you a brief 

Most of you already know that the whole town (more than 20,000 
people) was evacuated over the past week; the residents in our area 
(White Rock) were told to leave at 1:00  a.m. on Thursday morning; 
two hours later we had our four horses, one mule, three cats, and 
three dogs loaded in trailers and trucks and were on our way to 
Talissa Ralph and Kurt Sickafus, who less than a week before this 
fateful morning  had managed the Chimayo Chile Ride and had offered 
their barn and house twice during the week in case we had to leave. 
Since they were the closest to us and I don't see very well driving 
at night, we headed straight for them.  The first mile took an hour, 
because everyone else was leaving, needless to say, at the same time. 
The 25 mile journey took about two hours, but when we arrived in 
Chimayo, we were welcomed with open arms.  Wow, what a wonderful 
people, putting up with us and all our animals.  Thank you, thank you!

Sunday night we were allowed to return home, even though most of the 
people who live in Los Alamos proper cannot go back yet because of 
power outage, no gas hook up, smoke, etc.  They will be allowed to 
return  as soon as the utilities are up and the town is safe, which 
hopefully will be very soon.

The fire has burned well over 42,000 acres and more than 200 houses; 
some of these included duplexes, so the families that are homeless 
count for many more.  Then we don't even know how many houses are 
damaged.  The fire is still burning hard, but they don't expect any 
more structural damage.  Laboratory property burned, but only one 
small structure (trailer) is gone.  Rumors about radiation and other 
contamination are absolutely unfounded.

To all of you who invited us to stay with them and offered their 
hospitality and  expressed their concern: THANK YOU!
We are very grateful and happy to know we have so many friends: it 
really gives us a warm feeling you are all out there thinking of us. 
To Talissa and Kurt: I don't know where to begin to express our 
appreciation, but I will never forget you were out there in the wee 
hours of the morning, opening your gates and your house to all of us.



Corry Clinton
Horses Dacor
110 Monte Rey     Los Alamos, NM 87544-3824 

(505)672-1458   FAX (505)672-9704

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