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Which Electrolyte????

Title: Which Electrolyte????

I rode in and completed an easy 25 mile ECTRA ride this past Saturday. The temps were in the 80's by start time and hit mid 90's by mid-day. The humidity was extremely high. I started River on low level electrolytes on Thurs AM and from Fri PM thru the end of the ride she was given a total of 12 oz of Endura-Lytes (sp?) from Creative Science. I think she was still under dosed or possibly potassium deficient by the last end of the ride. And this was a short, easy ride distance and terrain wise!!! There is nothing on the label as to ingredients/quantities and I'm really wondering if I should switch electrolyte brands so I am using one with a known content.

Would appreciate it if you ridecampers with more miles, experience and knowledge would share with me your opinions/preferences of electrolyte brands, contents, quantities of contenets per oz and your suggestions for dosages during these hot, humid rides. I live in the sticky mid-Atlantic area and must deal with this weather in order to compete.

Bonnie Snodgrass
Southern Maryland

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