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Horses in need:Slaughterbound

5-16-00 Listing
You have found us!  We are the horses in need!


#160  Sorrell TB type mare.  Strip.  Appx. 12 - 14 yrs. old.  Appx.
16 - 16.1 hands.  Rides English.  This horse was used as a lesson
horse for awhile, but was too hot for the job.  Instead of finding
her a suitable home, she ended up at a feedlot.  She was
undernourished and shy.  She would require an advanced intermediate
rider as she has alot of energy, especially since she is slowly
gaining weight.  $750.00.

#164.  Bay mare, socks on rear legs, blaze.  Face and forelegs are
roaning or "frosty".  Injury to left eye.  She can see
shadows in her
left eye.  20+ yrs.  Appx. 15.1 - 15.2 hands.  This mare was a camp
horse for  a number of years.  Due to her eye injury she cannot be
sent to the camps again this year.  Despite her eye problem, she
rides well and would require an advanced beginner or intermediate
rider.  $550.00

#166.  Bay TB Mare.  Appx. 16 hands.  Foaled 4/28/81.  No
registration papers. She has been a broodmare.  Paperwork available
has registration information and information regarding her foals.

    Out of:       Walking In Space
    By:             Properantes

#170.  Sorrell/Chestnut TB mare w/blaze. Appx. 18 yrs.  Appx. 16
hands.  This mare has been pin fired when she was younger and also
has a tattoo.  She rides, but is somewhat hot.  She is a very lovely
mare and could stand a little weight.  Would require an experienced
rider.  $750.00.

#171.  Dark Brown/Bay TB filly.  Appx 15.2 - 3 hands.  This filly is
curious and approachable.  She has not had extensive training.
Probably very green broke.
She also has some Seattle Slew and Riva Ridge in her background.
Papers available.

Jockey Club #:  9615060
Foaled:  3/30/96

        By:   Seattle Bound

Seattle Report

        Out of:  Glowing Ridge                 By:  Riva Ridge

#172.  Gray Arabian Gelding.  Possibly an arabian cross?  Appx. 18-20
yrs. old.  Appx. 14.2 - 3 hands.  This horse rides very well,
although he is a little hot.  His previous owner was a young girl who
learned to ride on him and attended her local horseshows.  A very
nice older horse that would require an intermediate rider.  $650.00.

#173.  Chestnut TB type gelding. Star.  Appx. 16.1 hands.  Appx. 10-
11 yrs. old.  This horse rides hot.  He jumps very well on a lunge
line, but has been jumped extensively and is soured on jumping.  He
would require an experienced rider that does not intend to jump him
any more.  Enough is enough.  Tattoo is T18730.  $850.00.

For those new to the list or unfamiliar with the type of rescue I do,
I post horses that are in feedlots in So. California and are
potentially headed to slaughter for pet food, zoo food, to out of
state auctions (killer buyers all too often buy them), mares are sent
out as recipient mares and then what……..? or, more recently, to
buyers for use on Premarin production farms!  They are sold to not so
nice homes and used hard, and sometimes these horses end up at non-
professional rodeos, only to be sent to an auction or feedlot once
again. I try to get as much information as possible to help them find
homes and not to have to endure such a ghastly fate.

The information I post is ALL THE INFORMATION I HAVE as these horses
are usually bought at auction or just sold to the feedlot owners and
have no history.  These horses come in all sizes, colors, breeds,
ages.  Some have been neglected, abused, starved, sold because their
owners didn't have time for them, etc . There are racehorses that
aren't fast enough. (tattoos, but usually no registration papers).
Sometimes they are horses that just aren't the right colors or
conformation, or horses that have been injured and the injury has not
been taken care of. We can help these horses find new homes before
they are doomed to an awful fate.

If the posting says "papers available", I have seen the papers and
they would go to the new owners.

THE NUMBERING of the horses plays an important part in identifying
exactly which horse a person is referring to when they e-mail me.
Please use them for reference.
Visit our "Success Stories" page for updates on the horses
that have
found homes!!!!

Please continue to visit so that proceeds from your
clicking will help the horses!
You can view the horses from this list at TIER's website at:

Thanks to all for helping these horses!  After all, they have been
there for us, it is our turn to be there for them!


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