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Re: RC: Re: Which GPS should I buy?

Probably a good choice. I've ridden with two different people that were using
them this winter. Both times the things bounced out of their pouch and we had
to retrace several miles looking for the gadgets.

I did see, however, the last time I was in REI an interesting looking wrist
watch GPS receiver. Don't know anything about it except it was expensive.


Tracey wrote:

> Thanks.  I'm still battling to use my stopwatch going cross-country.  Think
> I'll give the GPS a miss.  But then again, I'm a woman so I'm not scared to
> ask directions.  Like a man would be.
> H

Truman Prevatt
Brooksville, FL

Mystic "The Horse from Hell" Storm
Buck's Mystic Karma
Rocket a.k.a. Mr. Misty
Jordy a.k.a. Bridger (when he is good)
Danson Flame - Hot Dog I'm healed and ready to go.

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