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Metabolic/lameness questions. Part I

1st part, Rick took Classy to Prineville for a 25. Was
going to use it as a training ride without the buddy horse.
At the vet check Classy was pulled for minor consistant
lameness. Vet back at camp felt it was in the RF fetlock
area. Upon closer exam, the vet noticed Classy's shoes had
slid in the heel area so that the hoof wall actually
extended over the edge of the shoe. (Make sense?) The vet
felt that the heel on the shoe was not long enough and did
not support the hoof wall. (More noticable on the LF than
the RF where the lameness was.) How much could this have
attributed to the lameness? Put stress on tendons? Even if
the LF was worse? Would Classy have tried to overcompensate
for the LF and ended up straining the RF?

Thanks everyone!

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