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Re: RC: Riding alone?

In a message dated 05/16/2000 9:05:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I have recently started riding alone with him, 
 and while he is a little spookier, he does well.  We have done 2 to 3 hour 
 runs by ourselves, but I noticed he sweats more, etc. and appears to be a 
 little more worked up.  Here's my question - we have a 35 miler this weekend 

I had the same problem at one ride. My husband and I ride together and of 
course our horses are big buddies and they wont leave each other's side at a 
ride but my husband hurt himself right before a ride and was unable to start 
so we went off without him. My gelding was not happy at all at first even 
though we were riding with many other people. But after a couple of miles he 
settled down and went great. For awhile we rode with others then by 
ourselves. He did great. He too tends to be spooky and neverous but he came 
through with flying colors. Just be prepared for your horse to be unsettled 
at first but once you get down the trail I bet you do fine! Good Luck and let 
us know how you do.

Maria, Texas
105 AERC miles :)

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