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Re: GPS and American River

Hey, it works so it is not dumb. But even easier is maintaining a track and
downloading that information. See my other post on GPS for appropriate
software. If there are gaps in the track points are they are obviously out
in left field they can be moved and reconnected and the software can
calculate the distance. The track can also be compared to mapped trails and
roads as an additional check.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: "Patricia E. Peters" <>

> Someone probably has an easier way of dealing with this problem than the
> one I thought up, but I am glad to share my method (at the risk of
> sounding dumb).  Here goes:
> As trailmaster for the Norco Riverdance, I have had alot of practice in
> mapping trails with a GPS.  Out of necessity I have developed a (somewhat
> cumbersome) system which accounts for this signal problem.  I use the
> "memorize location" utility on my GPS to lock into its memory what its
> exact LAT/LON reading is about every 100 feet of travel down the trail.
> I then use a mini-tape recorder to comment about that location.
> (Example:  "Landmark #128 is at the river crossing under the electric
> wires, and with only 5 sattelites reading,  the GPS estimates its margin
> of error at 78 feet on this mark).
> I then return to my desktop computer, and fire up my TOPO! mapping
> program.  After I key-in each memorized LAT/LON landmark (measured to
> within one-one-thousandth of a degree of latitude and longditude), I
> simply analyze the marks, ELIMINATE THE OBVIOUS LANDMARK ERRORS, and then
> connect the remaining dots.   The accurate readings fall in a logical
> line;  the wrong ones spike off into never-never land.  I then ask the
> computer to calculate the total distance marked, and print out a trail
> map with mileages, my recorded comments, etc printed on the map.
> Hope this helps you, should you decide to use your GPS to get serious in
> mapping trails for you.
> Regards,
> Pat Peters
> Norco, CA

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