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Re: RC: Weird stirrup wear

O  My guess is that >you 
>ran  over it, Kaboot stepped on it, or maybe it got caught up in the
>tackroom >door

I'll answer everybody at once.  Nope...nothing's happened to it as far as
getting smashed.  That saddle almost never touches the ground.   The
reason they were $85 is that I have the safety toe guards.  The regular
ones are $60 and the toe guards are extra.  I really like these stirrups
a lot, considered them one of the greatest things I'd ever discovered
when I tried them the first time.  Some of the other brands felt more
cumbersome.  I've seen people have trouble with bolts coming off of some
brands.  These have held up perfectly until now and I'm pretty puzzled. 
I may try to find a way to straighten it, then let these be my 10 year
old daughter's.  She's got a pair I can borrow.

One thing I found interesting.  The only time I've ever had a dry spot on
Kaboot's back (doesn't happen often) it was behind the withers on the
left.  I had thought maybe I was riding heavy on the left, but maybe it's
the opposite.  Or...maybe I ride with my foot too far on the outside of
the right much to weigh and think about.  I'm just looking
for clues all the time.


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