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Re: Which GPS should I buy?

I have had good results with my Garmin 12 (which you should be able to find
for $140-150). The 12XL (more expensive) also has facilities for an external
antennae (additional expense) which be be a real plus - mount it on your hat
free from body shielding. I use a program called OziExplorer ($75, for use with USGS digitized
raster maps. You can download tracks, waypoints, and routes from the GPS and
display on the map. You can manually enter tracks, waypoints and routes and
upload them to GPS. Additional comments and features can be added to the
maps, and they can printed. The USGS maps can be downloaded for free
( These files are large:
typically 3-4 MByte per 7.5 minute map. It helps if you can burn your own
CDs. You can also purchase CD's from the feds (fairly pricy) or from (substantially
cheaper). Note that the maps are in the public domain and can freely copied.

I am not enamored of maps on the GPS itself. Showing good detail requires
more memory than is available.

If you want more information on GPSs and related topics, go to

Duncan Fletcher

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