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Re: Which GPS should I buy?

>Between what you can do with the software and the GPS, you can make really
>great trail maps for your riders - the Topo! software even shows elevation
>change by distance. I'm not sure how they made the map, but Stookey
>Stampede had a great map, and I really appreciated it.
>David LeBlanc

Okay, David!  I think this means we're going to have some "How To Do Maps
with the Garmin 12" sessions real soon!  I have a video that I bought after
I got my new GPS...I've started watching it and I've learned quite a bit
but there's nothing like hands on *trying to make a map for the team* to
really understand what I'm doing.  I have the PNW Topo program just
*waiting* to be put to use!

BTW, I found the video at a marine equipment store...for those of you (like
me) who are right-brained enough to have solely written directions cause
severe glazing of the eyeballs. ;-)  I need pictures and hands on for
technical stuff.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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