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Weird stirrup wear

Hey guys,
Lately, when I ride I've been having trouble keeping my right foot
comfortable in the stirrup.  I thought I was having trouble keeping my
stirrup leathers turned (weird after TONS of miles on this set).  Then I
thought the buckle was slipping (clamp type buckles on *really* worn out
biothane leathers).  It bothered me a lot at Biltmore and I kept having
to reach down and turn my stirrup and put my foot on the inside.  Got a
MAJOR shin splint type pain during the ride. 

 Well...yesterday when it felt like it again and I got off to fix it,
happened to look down at my stirrup and it is MAJOR WARPED!!!  I couldn't
believe it.  I ride in E-Z ride aluminum stirrups with toe guards.  Love
them.  I've had them  probably 6 years or so.  The left stirrup is a
little bent, but the right one looks like it's been run over it's so
warped.  The outside of the stirrup is WAY low.  I know I've put a lot of
miles on them because my half chap rubbing against the edge of the
stirrup has sharpened it like a knife on one side, but this really was a
shock.  I'm 134 lbs. (just me, no saddle) and you'd think it could handle
that without warping if heavyweights use them.  Anybody else had this
problem?  I'll definately need new ones and they weren't cheap...$85. 
Think they'd replace them?


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