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FW: Re: Re: head tossing

Hey Angie,

Maybe you should get that warehouse together for the endurance tack swap.
Sounds like saddles aren't the only thing people would like to swap.  I own
too many bits that I don't use, and have ones I want to try, but I am tired
of spending the money on things that end up not working.  

Shelly, what didn't the horses like about the S hackamore??

Jennifer Layman - Northern Cal (Just had to buy my umpteenth girth as none
that I owned worked with my new SR saddle... girth's anyone??)

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Sent: Friday, April 07, 2000 4:16 PM
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My horse hated the S hackamore and my friend's horse I'm riding now didn't 
think much of it either. Maybe switch back to what you were using and see 
what happens.
                                                       Shelly in DE

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