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Re: Skeered to Ride

Maureen A. Fager
Hi Carla,
In 1993 I went off a short horse on to
soft ground and broke my left ankle
so bad I needed 5 screws, 2 pins and
plate to repair.  It took me a long
to get over my fear.  On my first ride
after that (in October, the fall happened
in March) I thought I would pass-out from
fear when the horse broke into a trot.
Comming back from an injury is slow, 
scary work.  I had no one to work with
except the same horse I came off of-a 
green three year old.  A freind of mine
did ride him for a couple of months before
I did again, which really helped.  
I found that one must be determined to 
work past the fear, but never push yourself
if your too scared.  Go slow, but remember,
small challenges as you are ready really help.
One of the things that helped me overcome
fear,(years later) was reading the books
by Mary Wanless, "The Natural Rider", 
and "Ride With Your Mind."  Applying her tecniques
really helped my balance, which helped
my confidence, skill and ablity.
Take your time, and hang in there.
There is never any shame in being
afraid, and the rewards can be great
when you can work out of it.
Let us know about your progess,

Maureen A. Fager

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