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Re: skeered to ride Fetlock trimminig incedent

This is a great example, and a painful rotten lesson for you, that one
always needs to take the time to train a horse for whatever.  You didn't
feel that you had time to train the colts to clip, but did have time to go
to the hospital when you got hurt.

I was luckier and learned this lesson in a less painful manner.  I didn't
have time to train before taking a new horse home.  I had a mild wreck, and
then had to train the horse anyway before I could bring it home.

A counter example is in the Grazier fencing system literature from the
convention.  The inventor used his system to build a round pen to train a
BLM horse before bringing it home.  Neither horse or human was hurt, so it
really was the quickest way!

PS.  I have assembled my grazier paddock, but not tried it camping yet.
I'll let Ridecamp know what I think of it later in the summer.  So far it
looks like a winner.

PPS Teddy is selling them I believe.

Ed and Wendy Hauser
1140 37th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

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