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Re: The Posse Ride (From the Ride Manager)

My question is were the riders told that the finish line was a sticky
     safety area, and that racing in was a bad idea at the ride meeting, or
     was it assumed the riders would know to take it easy due to the
     previous year's accident?

     I really have no reason to be commenting on this, newbie that I am,
     and I'm just asking so don't take my head off.  I understand that ride
     management can't forsee every possible safety hazard - is that even
     possible with horses?  :)  Just curious.

     I'm also curious to hear the other sides of this story.  We've heard
     eyewitness accounts, and now the ride manager's account.  I'd like to
     hear from the riders involved, and Jim himself.  Just to get all sides
     of the story.

     I assume that other options for a finish line being considered, and
     the best possible solution used, points out that the ride manager was
     concerned about the safety of his riders.

     Kenzie & Zane (no rides yet, but learning big lessons about safety!)
     Birmingham, AL

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