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RC: Hocks (thoroughpin)

Barb Peck bpeck@together. net

You're describing "thoroughpin".  Which is fluid
accumulation around the tendon sheath, which may
be caused by many things:  hocks too angulated, or
not angulated enough, poor hock joint conformation,
over use (My vet also says the heavier breeds are prone
to thoroughpin).  Bog Spavin is an unsoundness and
is swelling inside the hock joint.

Technically,  thoroughpin is not considered an "unsoundness"
It's considered a blemish (like wind-puffs),
but I'd rather have  clean hocks.


The horse I'm riding had slightly puffy hocks when my friend bought him a 
year ago. It is in the 'hollow' area of the hock and is soft. Not very large 
and does not seem to change much if at all with exercise or confinement. He 
is 12 years old and came from the track. He shows no lameness or heat.What is 

                                                      Shelly in DE

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