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Re: RC: alternatives to rear tack

In a message dated 3/27/00 7:46:57 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  I also had a pass through door installed between
 the dressing room and the horse area, so I won't even have to go outside to
 accomplish this (plus it will simplify moving other horse-related stuff
 back into the horse area while camping). >>

That's more or less what we do in our "oldie"--it has a door between the LQ 
and the horse part.  But we also have ropes hung from the ceiling to high on 
the wall over the bench in the LQ for storing saddles--and I think the horses 
really appreciate the room-temperature saddles on frosty mornings!

Some of the new trailers I've seen have the tack area in a wedge between the 
LQ and the horses, and I like that arrangement, too.  Some have access from 
both outside and LQ.


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