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alternatives to rear tack

Rear tacks looked wonderfully convenient, but I ordered my trailer without
one.......both because it was an extra expense and because of safety
concerns.  As a sort of compromise, I had the manufacturer put in an
alternate location for the saddle rack in the back of the trailer (where
the rear tack would have been).  When I get to camp and get the horses out
of the trailer, I can then move the saddle rack from the dressing area to
the back of the trailer.  I also had a pass through door installed between
the dressing room and the horse area, so I won't even have to go outside to
accomplish this (plus it will simplify moving other horse-related stuff
back into the horse area while camping).  Whether I will actually do this
remains to be seen (supposed to pick up the trailer next week and take it
on a week-long camping trip the following week).  Not as convenient as the
rear tack but cheaper and hopefully safer.


At 08:11 PM 3/27/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Heidi wrote " One of my BIG list items for 
>"when I buy a new trailer" is one that DOES NOT have that tack contraption
>the rear!!!  Give me the big door ANY day"
>Your right on that Heidi ! My trailer has a rear tack which I love because
>it is so handy at home and at ride's. But It does create a bottleneck at
>the door , and could very well put you in a dangerous situation with a
>young inexperienced horse . Otherwise I belive that my horses haul much
>better in the slant compared to a straight load . We haul big trailer loads
>of loose horse's to trail heads for pack trips during the summer months and
>we've never seen a horse stand as if being hauled in a straight load if
>they have a choice .
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>                           Mtn, Region
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