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Fence help

WEll I have my work cut out for me. We just came back from a hard days ride 
to Kentucky. I have Five acres of land to fence in. I am going to use tape 
with plastic posts. Because I will be replacing this in a couple of years 
for a nicer fence I am going to use T-posts every so often as support posts. 
I have five acres. in a rectangular shape. I am needing to figure out how 
many posts i will need. Again I am using plastic posts and then using metal 
t-posts as support posts here and there. I will be using the tape with a 
solar/electric charger. My horses are VERY respectful of the elec fencing. 
they have also been in barbwire fencing. SAVE your typing I have made up my 
mind here. I just need to know how many posts I will need approximate. it is 
150ft across. so if some one can tell me about how many feet I should set 
the posts would be helpful.
Carla (getting my fences together....)
Ansata (Mom can you swing that thing around near the hay field?)
Haley (Mom you can leave it sagging a bit so we can go visiting!)
Rob (from city boy to fence builder)
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