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Re: Horeback riding:Blonde joke

His name isnt Bill the Wal Mart guy, its Fred.  And he makes me wear my
helmet now before I get on, plus he makes me buckle the little seat belt
thingy attached to the cantle.  I am riding much better now.  I hate it when
the little kids whine at me tho.  I ride 2 dimes worth now.  :>D     gesa
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Date: Saturday, March 25, 2000 3:59 PM
Subject: RC: Horeback riding:Blonde joke

>This was e=mailed to the group list and I thought it was hilarious!!! ;)
> Kim
>>This is a oldie but goodie! Every time I read it I laugh.
>>A blonde decides to try horseback riding even though she has had no
>>prior lessons or experince.
>>She mounts the horse unassisted and the horse immediatly springs into
>It gallops along at a steady and rythmic pace but the blonde begins to
>slip from the saddle.
>In terror she grabs for the horses mane,but can not seem to get a firm
>grip,she tries to throw her arms around the horses neck but she slides
>down the saddle anyways.
>The horse gallops along seemingly impervious to its slipping
>rider,finally giving up her frail grip the blone attempts to leap away
>from the horse and throw her self to safety,unfortunatley her foot has
>entangled in the stirrup,she is now at the mercey of the horses
>pounding hooves as her head is struck against the ground over and over.
>as her head is battered against the ground she is mere moments away
>from unconsiousness,when to her great fortune!!
>Bill the wal-mart greeter sees her and unplugs the horse!!!
>I laughed so hard at this I had tears falling down my face!
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