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Re: Rabies!

Rabies only live in the saliva for a very short time. Once dead, it will be harmless in less than a 24 hour day. If you must handle the carcass, do so with rubber gloves that you then dispose of.
If your dog or cat is bitten, I assume they and any horses have had a rabies shot, the best approach is to have then re-vaccinated as soon as is practical.
Actually, its best if you just destroy the animal yourself and bury the carcass than to get the officials involved. Hit is with a shovel, what ever it takes. 
The officials will wan to quarantine all animals for a long time and the will want definitive proof that all animals have been vaccinated. Be sure you have the proof or they have the right to destroy your pets on the spot. If they are feeling kind they may only quarantine the animal for 6 months at a vet hospital.  
this is from some very close experience.
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