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Re: RC: Re: Gas or Oil out, What is the problem????

At 12:00 PM 3/22/00 -0500, Teddy Lancaster wrote:
>And you believe them?  Sorry, I do not.... when quality of road
>construction improves it MAY warrant the HUGE amount of fund collected
>for fuel taxes every year.

Well - if you don't think you're getting what you pay for, take it up with
the transportation commissioner.  I was happy with the roads in GA.  I'm
not so happy with the roads here, but they aren't awful.  I don't mind
paying taxes when what it goes for results in a quality of service I like -
which was the case in Georgia.

I think them are us, and who is they varies from one place to another.
Where you're located, there could very well be a problem.

David LeBlanc

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