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Re: RC: Milk powder

In a message dated 3/21/00 10:46:16 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< In a message dated 3/21/00 9:51:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
 << Good point, Ti
  But how do you treat ulcers?
  Bette >>
 Best thing I've seen so far, to heal the lesions, is aloe vera juice.
 ti >>

Veterinary treatment is also not a bad idea.  While aloe may help to heal the 
lesions more rapidly, one has to consider causitive and risk factors (such as 
stress, confinement, NSAIDS, and excess grain consumption) and eliminate or 
diminish them as appropriate.  Therapy generally consists of histamine 
blockers to decrease acid production (cimetidine, ranitidine), adhesive 
medications to "patch" the raw areas (sucralfate), and antibiotics.  
(Bacterial aspects of cause have not been documented in the horse as they 
have been in humans but many practitioners feel they may still play a role; 
meanwhile secondary infection due to bacteria gaining entrance to the 
circulatory system via the ulcer is also a possible complication.)  At any 
rate, any horse with ulcers should be under veterinary care, even though the 
aloe is a good thing to do.


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