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re:Re: Gas or Oil out, What is the problem????

   I understand  your point but again it is a two way street. For one
families gain is another families loss.

I live in the foothills of California where most of our opportunities
are based in the valley. That means that alot of families from my area
must travel one or even four or five hours away each day to support
there families.
   I myself am only just starting my life and still haven't decided what
I want to Major in for studies. So that means I am not making great
money and my job is a hour away. If I can't afford to get to work , What
will I do to survive? I won't be able to keep my horses for sure. So
it's a two way street. I think the Government needs to figure out a way
were both sides are not greatly impacted y this. Because when your
Family was struggling because of low gas prices, other families were
able to get to there jobs and feed there families. $2.00 does not seem
like much, yes other countries are way worse than that, but we have
based our life around  the price of gas. It's going to change my income,
I know that for sure. Especially because the only car I have is a gas
gussaler because it's all I can afford. Forget the idea of getting a
truck if the prices get any worse I don't know if I will be able to
drive! *haha*
    So it's not our faults this is happening. Not the oil drillers, not
the citizens who buy the gas, it is the government who makes all these
foolish destines about our country that faults us.. Unfortunately, there
is much debate about who the Government is.
Who is the Government? We are the government. Everyone is the
Government? Well they sure like to make us think that but it's never out
final decision that passes a law is it? And they sure make us believe
that out vote counts. Well sure to a certain percent! But it's never our
vote decetion that makes the final debate.It's up to them to decide what
happens with this country.Even if we oppose
    In all there' nothing much we can do. It's going to be a battle
either way. Each side could fight, sure. But what's the point? Either
way it stinks in my opinion *LOL
Anyhow,that was just my two cents :)
Fantasy Farms

Just who do you think that you are
 STICKING IT TO???? Nameless, faceless men
sitting in big
 offices with lots of money????

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