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Re: Re: Access on private land

Hi Drin,
I don't blame you one bit. A little clarification;
Our committee has been working for two years to bring all trail users
together to try to control a situation that could easily get out of hand.
The land I am referencing includes four residential lots sandwiched in
between, City Park, Forest Service and BLM. Two of the lots are virtually
unbuildable because of the grade and access. The existing trail now cuts
across the corners of two lots on the only buildable portion. An access road
cuts these lots in half making half unbuildable. The Forest Service and
Parks department have provided leadership and funds and manpower to maintain
and build trails for all users. The problem that threatens all of these
trails is that mountain bikers have over the years made their own trails and
even gone so far as to cut runoff ditches, and in some cases have laid out
very good trails. Some of them cut through sensitive areas that need to be
protected as well as degrading a very beautiful and pristine area very close
to town . This area also includes our watershed. The forest service is
working closely with a geologist  and the committee to identify and propose
a trail relocation where it goes through private property. To date, we have
been unable to contact one of the owners. Another is out of state but is
willing to consider proposals. And as I said, another is working with the
committee. It is important that we know what the law is regarding
established trails in the event we are unable to contact one or more of the
owners. This is not a renegade action. Over the past two years, there have
been several town hall type meetings where as many as 150 members of the
community have come to voice their concerns and opinions. We are all in
agreement that if good leadership is not available, we will all be the
losers to the unbridled assertiveness of some trail users and we will
eventually all be the losers.
Pat Super

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Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 8:33 AM
Subject: RC: Re: Access on private land

> Pat writes "Does anyone out there know if and where I can find information
> about the
> > necessity for private land owners to allow access to trail when the
> > has been in use for a number of years?
> > Thanks for any help or suggestions
> This is why so many ranch/land owners are turning people away these days
> from going through their property ! My husband Jim and I own a small ranch
> here in southwestern Mont. We have never turned anyone away who has wanted
> to fish , ride or hike on our land as long as they ask our permission  and
> do it on foot or horseback .I ask all the bigger ranches around every
> spring for permission to ride on their ground , all it takes is a visit or
> a phone call to keep everyone happy .You would not believe the people that
> come to this valley and use it as their own without asking ANYONE'S
> permission to fish/hike/bike/ride .And I'm sure it is the same everywhere
> .Rancher's put up with people leaving their trash on their land ,people
> letting their dog's and kid's run wild in the "country ", opening gates
> "forgetting "to close them, cutting fence's to get their 4 wheelers &
> motorcycle's through and the list goes on and on .Because these people
> think that they have the right to be on your property whether you want
> there or not ! And we are seeing more and more of these type of people
> every year! So when I see a post like this it just makes me more and more
> want to shut our place off to everyone , why should I take a chance on
> someone trying to take something away from me that I paid for and worked
> damn hard to get ?
>                         Drin Becker
>                         Mtn. Region
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